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What we offer

As an Irish horse dealer in the UK, we specialise in quality three, four and five year old Irish Sport horses imported straight from Ireland. We also offer a tremendous selection of thoroughbreds to be re trained for all disciplines.

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Image of horses in the stables
Image of horses in the stables

Our Selection

We have a range of horses to choose from. We have a regular intake of horses coming in which are handpicked by ourselves with over 70 years experience importing from Ireland between us.

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Nearly every horse imported from Ireland will come with two 5 stage vettings by two seperate vets with bloods taken. You also have the option of re-vetting. If you would like to x-ray there are options within the one week exchange warranty.

When it comes to re-vetting we have a panel of vets to choose from who have an exceptional reputation.

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Exchange Warranty

We offer a one week exchange warranty that allows you to exchange your horse if the cost is under £12,500.

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